Uzbek Food Reserves Association created in Uzbekistan

Uzbek Food Reserves AssociationPresident of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov signed a resolution “Сreation of association of enterprises on preparation and storage of fruits and vegetables Uzbekoziqovqatzahira” on 8 April 2016. According to the resolution, Uzbekoziqovqatzahira (Uzbek Food Reserves) is created on the base of Uzulgurjisavdoinvest Association. Uzbekoziqovqatzahira will unite 47 enterprises on purchase, storage and supply of fruits, vegetables, potatoes, melons and grape in all regions of Uzbekistan.

Uzbekoziqovqatzahira will purchase fruits, vegetables, potatoes, melons and grape to store in winter-autumn period in order to satisfy internal demand and ensure stable prices. It will also ensure reduction of loss of fruits and vegetable during storage time and introduce modern logistics systems. It will also attract direct investments and organize work on strengthening and developing material-technical base of enterprises, etc.