Il Presidente Islam Karimov ricoverato in ospedale

KarimovUzdaily ha pubblicato, il 28 agosto, la notizia del ricovero in ospedale del Presidente Islam Karimov.
La CNN, il 30 agosto, ha dato qualche maggiore dettaglio citando la figlia minore del Presidente.

Uzbek President Islam Karimov has been hospitalized after suffering a brain hemorrhage, according to the longtime strongman’s daughter, Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva.
On Monday, she posted a family photo on her official Facebook page with an announcement about her father’s illness.

“My father was hospitalized after suffering a cerebral hemorrhage on Saturday morning, and is now receiving treatment in an intensive care unit. His condition is considered stable.

“At the moment it is too early to make any predictions about his future health. My only request to everyone is to refrain from any speculations, and show respect to our family’s right to privacy. I will be grateful to everyone who will support my father with prayers.”

La Camera di Commercio Italia Uzbekistan ed il suo Presidente Luigi Iperti formulano sinceri auguri di pronta guarigione.