GM Uzbekistan starts production of Lacetti with gas-cylinder equipment

lacett-gasGM Uzbekistan started a serial production of Lacetti automobiles with gas-cylinder equipment, working on compressed gas, the company said on its Facebook page. The enterprise realized the project within the investment programme of Uzbekistan for 2015.

GM Korea and Landi-Renzo participated in realization of the project, which helped to performed calibration of the automobile and gas cylinder equipment, as well as necessary tests of parts and components of the gas-cylinder equipment.

GM Korea carried out necessary tests of automobile to ensure optimum performance of the engine, which was adapted to two-fuel system.

According to GM Uzbekistan, Italian company Faber (cylinders) and Uzavto-Landi Renzo (engine compartment equipment) are suppliers of the gas cylinder equipment. GM PowerTrain Uzbekistan supplies engine, working on gas.

“The engine has a reinforced cylinder-piston group and valve mechanism. In addition, the car has reinforced chassis parts – shock absorber struts, springs, stabilizer bars and others,” – GM Uzbekistan said.

The gas cylinder equipment has a warranty for a year or 20,000 km mileage.

The automobile can run up to 1,130 km with full tank of fuel, including 850 km on petrol and 280 km on gas. Mileage on full gas cylinder at a speed of 90 km / h is 280 km and in the urban cycle – 230 km.

The car will automatically switch from gas to petrol if the gas ends and from petrol to gas.